The Olive Health Foods

Wangarratta, Victoria
Owner: Michelle Lilley

"It’s really nice to have a product range in the shop that people get really excited about, and they excite each other about it. Jojoba is one of those kinds of products. People just gather around the floor stand and talk about the products while they are trying them. We just give them the backstory to the company and the products.”

We’ve been stocking the full Jojoba Company skin care range on a jojoba floor stand here for two years now. Previous to putting in a floor stand we had jojoba and some of the skin care products on shelf.

The product was very slow turning over to start with, then customers started to use them and they began to move. People told their friends and it became a case of everybody telling everybody about this skin care product they’re using.

The staff were using it for a good three to four months and found their skin changed and it really improved their skin. It was amazing!

A slow progression at first but then once it took off it was like wildfire and people were telling others about it, and in the shop there was a real buzz too. Customers were talking to other customers while they were in the shop and there was real discussion going on over the product.

We put in an additional floor stand within six months to accommodate greatly expanded stocks of the products.  

I was trained in the beginning and I caught the vision straight away. It was hard to transfer that to the staff but they ended up getting it slowly, and as the staff started to catch on how jojoba worked and how good the skin care range was it really grew from there.

I think the staff actually using the products was a main driver for our growth in sales. When you use a product it’s not a quick thing, you’ve got to use it for a little while and then you can say wow! there’s a real difference in my skin. Then each customer that uses it does the same thing. They go wow! Then they come back and buy another product.

The wow factor is because it genuinely changes your skin. It really does, your skin really improves.

I reckon it takes two to three months of constant use and women really notice it, we’re not silly, we’ve been doing skin care for a long time.

The difference between the jojoba products and other brands is quite big. A lot of my customers changed from Jurlique over to jojoba. It is definitely not a price driven shift because the jojoba products are not cheaper, it’s to do with jojoba being an alternative product that was slightly different. It’s not the same. People get a bit sick of the same thing all of the time.

In the beginning, people would start out with the pure jojoba then move onto the skin care products, and I guess that was the way I was selling as I was totally sold on pure jojoba myself.

Then they just loved the other products when they used the testers. When we started to get the little 3ml skin care samples we spent a lot of time with customers and made sure we gave them the little samples to try. I think once they try the product they’re sold.

We did have to be really careful with the samples because customers would keep coming back wanting samples without buying the product. Once we identified that though and we became more careful it was really effective. We became very selective about who we gave samples to.

For people coming in with troubled, itchy, rashy skin we started to give them the Redness Reducing Balm. Acne, dermatitis, eczema, rosacea – just really red and itchy skin and the problems just cleared up.

We’ve been right onto the Acne Attack pack since it was launched. I’ve given the products to my daughter to see how the product works. I find that staff need to feel confident in a product and I think that confidence is what really sells the product. I also find that I can easily upsell a purify foaming cleanser on top of the Acne Attack pack.

With most of the skin care in my shop, if the staff aren’t confident in selling it, then it doesn’t sell. 

With jojoba, the company established a real passion for jojoba with me in the beginning and I was able to establish that passion in another staff member and so it spread throughout the staff as they learned and experienced the products, and as they saw the results coming from using them.

There’s also the staff sales incentives that have been brilliant. I wish other companies did that because all of the staff are on board – keeping a tally on what they sell and with our computer systems we can just bring up their sales for the month if they’ve lost track. I’m used to staff incentives and they work very well.

I make the skin care range available for staff to purchase at cost price. There are lots of factors with staff but the only real way to establish the passion in staff is to get them using it.

We talk to customers about the fact that The Jojoba Company is an Australian family owned company and that the jojoba is grown on the Company’s own farm.

In the beginning we actually had a jojoba plant in a pot but after two weeks I put it out for some sunshine and someone stole it straight away. It was a great talking point up until then.

I talk about the plant and the farm all of the time. It’s a really big selling point. People are very big on buying Australian. I tell them how jojoba is a drought tolerant, low care crop and how the plant just drops the beans on the ground.

They want Organic but with jojoba that is really irrelevant as it doesn’t have pests or diseases. Animal friendly is also becoming more important to customers and I also tell them how jojoba is saving the whales.

The Jojoba Company is doing a really good job and there’s not a lot I would change. The marketing is fantastic and the gifts are really good.

I am stocking the new Ultimate Jojoba and it has started to sell well. I wasn’t going to as in the beginning it was only available for ordering as a counter unit lot of nine packs with a tester and I thought that was a big outlay for a new product.

I would have been happy to put in two or three packs because my view is that you put a few of a new product on shelf and when it starts moving you build up.

I said no to my staff on quite a few occasions as it was a difficult time for us to bring in a new product but in the end, we finally did put in a stand of Ultimate and they did sell.

I’ve sold ultimate jojoba to customers where there’s the serums, which are $62.95 and I love them, and then there’s the pure jojoba which is $19.95 for a small one, and then there’s the Ultimate Jojoba at $39.95 which is in the middle of the range.

I’ve used the Ultimate and I haven’t liked it, so I’ve gone back to my jojoba serums. It’s absolutely all about skin type. There is three other staff here and two of them absolutely love the Ultimate.

It’s good to have Ultimate priced in the middle of the range. It’s a very good product and because it has the full range of vitamins and fatty acids, it’s really good to upsell to Ultimate Jojoba from pure jojoba.

I don’t do any extra promotions as The Jojoba Company is constantly doing promotions for us, so I don’t have to do anything.

It’s very easy because they’re always coming up with Gift with Purchases, and we use all of the posters and marketing support materials up. There’s just always something to offer the customer. Customers just buy two instead of one product to get the Gift with Purchase. They’ll love the brand so you don’t feel like you’re pressuring people.

The other thing I’ve done which has been really great is that when someone spends $200 in my store I give them a jojoba gift because I know they’re going to love it and come back and buy it and be a customer for life. With some other brands if I gifted them it would be a waste because they wouldn’t come back because it’s not necessarily a very nice product.

There’s a couple of other brands  where I've tried to  gift like that but we notice that the people don’t come back for that brand, or they come back and want to swap it for a jojoba product.

Our main brands are Jurlique, which is up there with Jojoba but the margin is not there - Jurlique has a low margin; Springfields – we’ve just put in the full range of the body love system which is the Australian Bush flowers. We put the Springfields range right in the spot where jojoba had been to see if it would take off the same because they’re for a different customer – it didn’t work.

The other brand we carry is Lapurete which is like a natural botox system. I also do a bit of A’kin and Alchemy but that’s not a huge range in the store because the product is not as good. Jojoba is at the top. I always joke that someone could run the whole shop just on jojoba.

We have a large Jurlique wall unit but I’m very close to pulling it out. The main reason is that Jurlique gives a much lower margin. Jurlique has some brilliant products and Jojoba has gaps in the range that Jurlique fills, so we tend to use them together quite well.

The main gap in the jojoba range Jurlique fills for me is a moisturiser. I don’t find a moisturiser amongst the jojoba products that suits my skin. I’ve used a whole bottle of the jojoba day cream but I won’t go for that again, mainly because you can’t get the rest of the cream out of the bottle, and customers don’t like that.

I tried so hard to get as much out as I could but you can’t get that  very last bottom part out. The pump doesn’t work by then. We’ve had a lot of feedback about the day cream bottle – being a bottle, and not being able to get the cream out. It becomes a really big issue for women who are getting to the bottom of the bottle and are feeling a bit duped. We get sick of hearing it.

If there was a heavier moisturising day cream in a tube rather than a glass bottle – an 85ml or 100ml tube, I think it would go really well so you’ve got a choice between lighter and heavier moisturisers. But not a small size. Most women buy based on value for money.   

The day cream is in a tube but it’s a much smaller tube and there’s not value for money there. I always buy a big size. I love tubes and that’s what I have with Jurlique.

The Jurlique moisture rose moisturising cream is a better cream for my skin than the jojoba day cream. I used the serums, the Jojoba day cream and the jojoba. I’ve found I need to reapply day cream throughout the day as I have very dry skin.

It would be good if there was a heavier moisturiser in the jojoba range to go under makeup. I use the serum day and night but that doesn’t give me the moisture I need. It all comes down to skin type. You wouldn’t get that feedback from the other girls on staff here and we have customers who absolutely love the jojoba day cream as it is.

I’m from Melbourne and I’ve worked for Jurlique, Estee Lauder and Clarins so I know it’s just about skin type.  

I think it would be really good to see a hair care range – shampoo and conditioner. A body wash and a soap bar would be good additions. Baby products aren’t big and every mum looking for baby products goes to pharmacy anyway. We’ve tried baby products lots of times but they don’t work for us.

It’s really nice to have a product range in the shop that people get really excited about, and they excite each other about it. Jojoba is one of those kinds of products.

People just gather around the floor stand and talk about the products while they are trying them. We just give them the backstory to the company and the products.