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Easy Steps To Giving The Perfect Gift

November 06, 2017

Easy Steps To Giving The Perfect Gift

Watch Their Face Light-Up

There’s nothing better than seeing faces light-up with genuine excitement when friends and family receive a gift that truly delights. And it’s just as lovely to receive an inspired gift, one that shows thought and care.

With lots of birthdays year-round, then add anniversaries and Christmas, it can get tricky to stay inspired and on budget with gifts.  Here are some ways to approach gifts – easy options for discovering the perfect match.

Watch and Listen for Clues

Yes, the best way to understand what someone might like or need is to pay close attention when you’re together.  Whether it’s watching TV, shopping or sharing a coffee, friends and family are usually letting you know their interests and passions.  Notice what makes their face light-up or what gets them consistently excited.  

What to get for Christmas and Beyond

Ask follow-up questions, or ask others who may know them even better, for example-

  • Do they really love a product or brand? (a material gift or gift card)
  • Have they started a new activity or have a hobby/passion? (experience gift)
  • Do they admire a certain charity – is it a cause close to their heart? (donation in their name)
  • Are they planning a get-away to celebrate an occasion? (create a personalised vacation gift)
  • Pregnant or have a new baby? (specialised product ranges)

Set a Gift Giving Budget

No matter the occasion, you need to start off with a budget. Whether it’s a simple office birthday gift or what to get mum for Christmas, setting a range for each person means you won’t be caught out with impulsive buys or big credit card bills end of season.  The occasion and relationship will usually give you that range.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant and pricey or cheap and shabby – if it’s well thought out and inspired, it will feel just right.

Buy the Right Gift  

Most of us have our favourite brands and this is the simplest approach. Buy a gift card or item from a brand you know they love. Make sure the store has a good range of products that can accommodate your gift amount. There are many pre-packaged gifts, beautifully presented and wrapped, so you don’t need to worry about it.  This is the quick and easy option.

Give a Gift that You Love – True & Trusted

If you have taken the time to post or share a positive review about a brand or product then good chances are you’re impressed and satisfied. This is a good place to start.  Think about sending a sample pack of your absolute favourite range for someone to try, but remember to play it safe. For example, with cosmetics or skincare choose gifts that suitable for all skin types, or sensitive skin. Basically it needs to be gentle enough that anyone can enjoy it without the worry of skin reactions.

Modern Christmas Gift

The experience gift is perfect for people who have everything and are up for a new adventure. Experience gifts can be concerts or sporting events, restaurants or something even more daring like sky diving or a bridge climb. Most venues now offer gift vouchers.  Be realistic and practical, your idea of fun may not be theirs. So again, really know their passions and limits. It’s even more important to check refund and exchange policies before you buy.

Check the fine print:

-Gift Return/Exchange/Transfer Policies

- Expiry Dates

-Additional costs (e.g. transport & equipment hire)

Generous Experience Gifts

Experiences tend to be pricey, so you may consider putting in as part of a collective gift. It’s also more fun to have an experience with a friend, so you need to keep in mind that a voucher for two people might be more appropriate. It’s no fun going alone, and you don’t want your experience gift to end-up in the ‘too hard basket’ for the recipient.

Practical Christmas Gifts

Ok there are lots of people that do have everything or just don’t want more stuff. You may be one, so what to ask for Christmas -or what to give when they don’t need much?

You may be passionate about a cause. There are hundreds of brilliant charities doing fantastic work. So ask for a donation in your name. Are you an animal lover? Are you already donating towards a cure for cancer or environmental protection and want to boost your efforts?  Then ask for a gift to a cause that really matters to you. You usually get a personalised e-card or letter sent, and it feels really good to know you’re doing your bit to make the planet better.

Christmas Ideas – Under the Tree

So your mum or brother has asked for a donation to their favourite charity as their Christmas present, great, but you still want them to find a little something gift wrapped under the tree. You can continue the ‘ethical’ theme by including a small gift that’s indulgent but kind to the planet. For example, fair trade chocolates or an all-natural body pampering lotion. Look for locally made gifts with small carbon footprints, using natural ingredients and little plastic.

Vacation Get-Away Gifts

If you’re planning a wonderful get-away to celebrate an occasion with friends or family – a beach or mountain retreat -why not make the gift complement the setting. Find the perfect cotton beach towel then bundle it with a collection of sunblock, body lotion or hand cream ready to be packed and used. 

Or if you’ll be hiking or skiing in cold, dry, harsh weather think about bundling some warm woollies with a luxurious skin treatment, SPF moisturiser or rich facial oil as a gift set. This will take care of practical, useful and delightfully pampering all in one.   

Mummy and Baby Gifts

Expecting mums or families with new babies need special attention. Make sure gifts are suitable for pregnancy or newborns. For example, if you want to include a bath or skin care gift they need to be pure and hypoallergenic.

Look for natural, low fragrance ingredients like rosehip oil, almond, coconut or jojoba.  For example, rosehip and jojoba both contain a natural form of Vitamin A (trentinoin) which is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Avoid ingredients like synthetic Retinol A, found in many beauty products, which is not safe during pregnancy. With these gifts it’s important to read the ingredient fine print on a product.

Happy Gift Giving

There are plenty of options for gift giving. So grab the perfect Gift Card, Gift Box or find that inspired experienced or fantastic charity.  And by making some considered choices you’ll be kinder to the planet (and your friends/family) by avoiding harsh chemicals, plastics and a large transport footprint (think local). 


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