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January kicks off beautiful healthy skin

January 24, 2017

January kicks off beautiful healthy skin

protective day cream spf15

Start 2017 with one small, easy New Year’s Resolution for your skin— it’s highly effective, will reward you for decades to come and it’s very simple:  Wear a protective day cream SPF15 every day! The key to long-term beautiful and healthy skin is to combine daily moisturising with sun protection. 

Sun and UV Damage – Protect Your Skin Everyday

The long days of summer are fun, but spare a thought for your skin. Over exposure to sun and UV rays is the number one cause of skin damage.  Studies show that 23% of sun damage is developed by age 18 and then about 10% more every decade after that. Called photoaging this damage changes collagen in the deep layers of your skin called the dermis, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation and age spots.   

Sun Protection Today, Beautiful Skin Tomorrow  

Using a protective day cream SPF15 everyday of the year helps reduce all photoaging damage.  You may be tempted to ignore a daily routine now with the view of pulling out the ‘big guns’ later – chemical peels, microdermabrasion or fractional lasers. This is really where prevention is so much better than cure. Consider that for some skin types these treatments can actually make pigmentation worse and the side effects of these painful procedures can include injuries from laser heat, scarring, bacterial infections, reactivating herpes cold sores, long down times and did we mention the cost?

Sunglasses and Eye Cream – Reduce Wrinkles

The skin around your eyes is extremely delicate and shows up more sun damage. By wearing good sunglasses and adding a nourishing eye cream to your routine you’ll be on your way to maintaining bright, clear beautiful eyes.  In the summer an eye balm that is light, cooling and soothing feels especially nice, natural ingredients like cucumber, guava, aloe vera and pomegranate are good combinations. 

Choose the Best Sunglass Protection

Like a good sunscreen sunglasses should filter out both UVA and UVB rays at about 99 to 100%. Polarisation reduces glare but doesn’t protect against harmful UV.  The right protection helps prevent cataracts, pterygiums (skin growths over eyes), solar keratopathy (cloudiness of the cornea), and eye cancers. Kids should also be wearing good sunglasses, even if it’s tricky to get them to co-operate.

Basically, when you are choosing glasses make sure it’s a Lens Category Level 2 or 3 Sunglasses.  Anything lower category is considered ‘Fashion Spectacles’ – may be hip and styling, but no UV and glare protection here.

Don’t Like Wearing Sunblock Everyday? Try This Light Natural Alternative

You need something lightweight (great under make-up), that protects against UVA/UVB rays, and is all natural (don’t forget your delicate neck and décolletage.)  With no nasty chemicals to irritate skin, our protective day cream SPF15 contains deeply moisturising 100% natural Australian grown jojoba, antioxidant vitamin E and green tea.  In the summer try it with our antioxidant hydrating mist before your cream or use the mist as a quick ‘pick-me-up’ when your skin is feeling hot and flushed.  It’s full of soothing chamomile and nourishing Kakadu plum.

Here’s the 2017 Plan – Too Simple

Start day with protective day cream SPF15 (don’t forget neck and exposed décolletage). Light, non-greasy and perfect under make-up.

After cleansing and removing make-up treat your eyes to a daily firming and soothing cream.  (Our cucumber & guava firming eye balm has been clinically proven to increase collagen production by 81% and elastin by 90%.)

Keep the antioxidant hydrating mist handy for quickly cooling and soothing skin, or use it before applying your cream.


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