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Party Season - summer skincare tips

December 17, 2018

Party Season - summer skincare tips

Fresh Makeup Starts with Healthy Skin

Summer and the party season have you reaching for your makeup bag more often, adding a bit of glitter and glamour for the holiday parties. And with hot, humid days it’s the waterproof formulas that keep it all in place.

Clean Skin

Enjoy the summer parties, but remember to start each new day with beautifully clean, fresh and restored skin.  Deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin to make sure your makeup looks fresh and vibrant every time you apply.

Summer Makeup Rules

A skin primer, especially if you have oily skin, will stop make-up from running into creases or smudging. It also minimises pores and keeps make-up looking fresh and vibrant longer.

Choose a primer that suits your skin type and focus on your oily T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin.)  And always use an eye specific primer on your eyelids, don’t prime with your regular concealer as it makes eyes look ‘caked-up’ and puffy.

  • Apply primer over cleansed skin after moisturising and before makeup

SPF Under Summer Makeup

Even if you wear foundation don’t skip SPF protection. UV damage is the number one cause of crows feet, pigmentation and wrinkles. Especially in summer look for a light mineral formula that is non-greasy and keeps makeup in place.

Stop Sun Damage

Don’t forget to apply SPF protection to your neck, hands and chest (and exposed ears). These neglected areas are the first to reveal years of sun damage with deep wrinkles and age spots.

Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup, especially mascara is great for summer. It stays on long after swimming and showering because it’s made from strong waterproof chemicals including fats, oils and waxes, or all three. They include paraffin, petrolatum, castor oil and carnauba wax.

Dissolve Stubborn Mascara

Most mascaras also contain a carbon black pigment to give you those dark rich lashes. But without a thorough cleanse these pigments can hang around your eye area for days producing dark shadows or getting caught in fine creases.

Hot Makeup Breakouts

While it’s tempting to hit the pillow end of day without taking off your makeup you risk waking-up with pimples and the dreaded ‘racoon eyes’ as the waterproof fats, oils and waxes in makeup melt to clog pores, irritate and inflame eyes.

Super Delicate Eye Area

Enjoy the parties and swimming, but follow these simple makeup rules to avoid breakouts, ‘racoon eyes’ or worse eye redness and inflammation. 

No Soap & Washcloth

Don’t grab the soap and washcloth and try to scrub stubborn makeup off, especially around your delicate eye area. The makeup will not budge but you’ll end-up with:

  • Puffiness
  • Sagging Skin
  • Broken Capillaries
  • Permanent Dark Circles
  • Eyelashes Falling Out

Melt Makeup Away Gently

As the saying goes, ‘like dissolves like’, so you’ll need a gentle oil based cleanser to completely dissolve and remove every last trace of make-up, especially stubborn mascara, and waxy lip/eyebrow pigment.

Gentle All-Natural Makeup Remover

Choose an oil based makeup remover with no alcohol or alpha hydroxy acids, especially if you have sensitive skin. Look for oils like jojoba that are also naturally anti-bacterial and won’t clog pores, so help protect against inflammation and infections.

Keep Eyes Healthy 

Here are the top tips for keeping away eye infections if you use makeup daily:

  • Always wash your hands before applying makeup
  • Don’t scratch eyeballs or sensitive eye area when removing makeup, micro scratches allow bacteria in
  • Keep cosmetic brushes clean – wash regularly
  • Never share makeup
  • Throw out old makeup

Summer Skincare Prevents Breakouts

It’s common during summer to get breakouts or pimples along your hairline.  Not only does your hair add oil to this area but you may be missing it completely when you cleanse. A build-up of waterproof makeup along your hairline causes breakouts. Make sure you cleanse right into your hairline.

Gentle Makeup Removal

Follow these simple steps and wake-up with super clean, smooth, nourished skin:

  • Tie back hair
  • Apply oil based makeup remover to skin and wait a few minutes (floss/brush while it melts away stubborn pigments)
  • Use a damp cotton pad to very gently wipe away makeup

Tip: To remove eye makeup, gently wipe off mascara as if you’re touching an egg

Summer Makeup – Keep it Fresh

Even with a primer in place your skin and makeup can look a little dull and flat by end of day, especially in hot dry weather. Having a cooling mist spray handy not only feels lovely but gives your skin a quick pick-me-up. The key is the mist needs to add moisture – not just water.

Fresh Makeup All Day

To help set makeup, hydrate skin and neutralise oiliness don’t use a mist that is plain water. Spraying pure water onto your skin causes evaporation, drawing even more moisture away from your skin. It feels cooler but leaves skin drier.

Summer Skincare Mist

Look for hydrating mists that are packed with moisturisers. Natural moisturisers include aloe or jojoba. They cool skin instantly but lock in moisture. For an extra anti-oxidant kick also look for the native kakadu plum (very high in vitamin C) and green tea (helps reduce puffiness.)  A mist is perfect day or evening to freshen-up makeup or gently wipe away any smudges.

  • If you are feeling flushed and need to cool down quickly try spritzing your chest or décolletage area. This is the best place for instant overall cooling. 

Perfect Summer Lips

The final touch to your party makeup is the perfect lipstick. And the best summer look is lipstick that’s applied to smooth, soft lips. By moisturising and protecting lips daily you’ll prevent flaking and fine creases that make lipstick look patchy and uneven.  

Lip Protection

Unlike the rest of your body lips don’t have oil glands to keep them soft.  Lips are also much thinner, with only three to five cellular skin layers compared to the typical skin on your face, which has up to 16 layers. Your lips also have very little melanin so they need SPF protection.

Smooth Lips – Perfect Lipstick

Avoid irritating your lips with ingredients like fragrances, camphor, menthol, or salicylic acid. Again, look for all-natural ingredients like coconut or jojoba oils and natural waxes. Jojoba is also great for chapped lips and cold sores as it naturally contains A, D and E, known as skin healing vitamins.

Lip Balm Allergies?

If you’re sensitive to most lip balms or lipsticks you’ve tried you may be allergic to the beeswax that’s found in most lip skincare formulas.

Most beeswaxes have traces of propolis – a natural resin collected by bees. You can also develop a sensitivity to propolis over time (with continuous exposure), as some beekeepers do.  If your lip balm or lipstick is making your lips tingle, swell, become red and blistered try a completely beeswax free formula to test for allergies.

Summer Time Glow

With a focus on caring for sensitive eyes and lips you’ll have skin that is always ‘make-up ready’.  Thoroughly and gently cleansed, then smoothed and moisturised your make-up will glide on and stay on.  With or without your party colours on, your skin will glow with natural health and vitality.


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