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Why use a hand cream?

April 15, 2017

Why use a hand cream?

The skin around your eyes and on your hands has a lot in common.  It’s the first place to show signs of aging and takes longer to repair  because it’s much thinner than skin on other parts of your body.  Continuous exposure to environmental damage and natural aging results in the ‘fat cushions’ on our hands decreasing, so veins, bones and tendons become more visible.  But there are many simple ways to keep hands looking beautiful.

Prevent Hand Age Spots

Age (or liver) spots on your hands have more to do with sun exposure than with actual age, and nothing to do with your liver! The motely pigmentation and collagen breakdown is caused by photo aging. This accumulated sun damage shows up about age 50, but the damage really begins in your teens.  The easiest way to avoid sun spots on your hands is to cover-up:

  • Cover your hands with sunblock everyday – no excuses. The sun in winter is as strong as summer.
  • Wear driving gloves—there’re some great practical cotton ones. Hands get the full force of UV rays through glass windscreens and we spend hundreds of hours driving. Try a moisturiser under the gloves for a win-win, smooth and protected skin.

Soothe Dry, Cracked, Sensitive Hands

It’s important to wash our hands regularly to avoid catching and spreading common bugs. But constant washing with soap really strips your hands of its protective moisture barrier, leaving them dry, wrinkly and raw. Wear protective gloves when cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry, and when using alcohol-based sanitisers use a small amount on palms only so as not to severely dry out the fragile skin on top of your hands.

All Natural Smooth Hands and Cuticles

Protection + Moisture = Beautiful Hands. It’s really that simple.  Protect your hands then add regular moisture for re-plumping and smoothing skin.  And because your hands are constantly busy, like preparing food or grabbing a snack, you want a hand moisturiser that is chemical free and without an overpowering scent.  The best combination is a non-greasy formula that also packs some vitamins and anti-oxidants.  Natural chemical free ingredients like coconut, shea, mango or macadamia also provide deep moisture.

Try This Quick Home Manicure

Natural looking, beautifully groomed nails are a perfect match for smooth, soft hands.

  • Remove nail polish, then trim and file your nails
  • Use a nail buffer for whiter nails , to smooth and add a natural shine
  • Rub a rich natural oil into your cuticles, let it sit for a few minutes then very gently push back cuticles (never cut cuticles as it can cause infections)

Enjoy your beautiful hands and nails!


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