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Jojoba is the only plant on earth known to produce a liquid wax like that found in healthy, young human skin. All other plants produce oils. Skin does not absorb oils. It closes skin pores to lock them out where they remain on the surface but skin lets jojoba in.

The wax produced in skin also creates the natural barrier that holds moisture in young skin. When we reach about 20 years old, production of this natural liquid wax winds down. Not enough wax allows moisture to freely escape from plump young skin cells. They lose shape and structure and the outer skin layer thins and folds on itself. We see this first as fine lines then later as wrinkles. Jojoba puts this liquid wax back into skin.

Jojoba puts back what age takes away.

Over the last ten years, we have researched the positive benefits of Jojoba for human skin and have developed a full range of skin care and beauty products with Jojoba as the hero ingredient.


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