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Our passion for Australian jojoba starts at our own farm at Yenda, New South Wales, Australia.

Our jojoba seeds are selected for their quality and ability to adapt to Australian conditions. The plants love the sunny Australian outback where they are not affected by pests or diseases.

  • Our jojoba plantations are made up of thousands of female jojoba shrubs with every seventeenth shrub being male.
  • During Spring time, primitive looking flowers appear on the female shrubs; these have no petals as they do not need to attract birds or insects for pollination, instead pollination comes from the male shrub. As the male shrubs release their pollen, it drifts across the plantation fertilising the female flowers. Once fertilised, the flowers close and form pods – jojoba beans then begin to form in these pods.
  • Throughout the remainder of Spring and into Summer, the beans slowly mature and begin to dry. When fully mature, the pod splits and the beans simply fall to the ground. Sweeper harvests then drive through the plantations collecting the beans.
  • Harvested beans are sorted and cleaned to remove any soil. Beans are then slowly and gently cold pressed to release the pure jojoba, which makes up about 50% of the mass of the bean.

This 100% natural Australian jojoba lies at the foundation of our entire skin care range.


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